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The important Muthi temple is the Kanchi temple, since it is not a easy thing for devotees to go kanchipuram temple daily for seeing Lord Ekambareshwarar and Kamatchi amman. For that reason, Chennai poonamalle Kondai kati Vellalar Thiru.Sengalvarayar Mudalaiar family members created the temple in the center place of chennai, Aminjikarai. The Temple was around 350 years old.


In this temple, Thiru Sengalavarayar Mudalaliar, their family generations were head and incharge for the temple. In the Year 1953, at the period of Thiru.P.Shanmuga Mudalaliar, the temple was handover to the Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments (HR and CE) Department due to lot of problems in handleing the temple in a good manner. Since both the temples such as Lord Ekamabaresharar and Lord Varadharaja Perumal are located here in the same place, it is also called as "Vada Kanchi", it makes the devotess to worship in a easy manner.

The temple is Located in the center place of Aminjikarai. The temple has a Rajagopuram and many prakarams adorned with sculptures and carvings.. At the east, the temple called Sri pidari Mangali Amman temple, the gramma devathai of the Aminjikarai people. Sri Prasana Varadharja Perumal temple is located next to the Lord Ekambareshwarar temple. This place also tells the unity of the Shaivam and Vainavam. During festival time in both temples, the Urchavar will come around in the same mada veedhi.

The Godess Kamatchi amman prayed and worshiped lord Ekambareshwarar in the Kanchipuram, as similar the God and Godess in the Kanchipuram temple, here in this temple the Lord shiva and Amman is presented. Though it is a shivan temple, Sri Subramaniar Swamy (Murugan) is also very famous in this temple. Lot of Murugan festivals are celeberated throughout the year. The Temple Thal Virutcham is Mango tree, which was destroyed few years back, now the new tree is kept again. Around the temple, the garden (nandhavanam) is maintained which makes more beauty to the temple.

The Main Mulavar Sannathi in the temple is Sri Ekamabareshwarar Sannanthi, Sri Kamatchi Amman Sannathi, Sri Vinayagar sannathi, Sri Subramaniar Sannathi. All this Sannathi mandapams are made up of Black stone architecture and brass plated doors. Other Sannathi are there as per aagama procedure around the inner part of the temple. The Separate Sannathi for Lord Natarajar and Pichadar swamy are presented inside the temple.

The Neem and Fig tree(Vembu and Arasa maram) is present with lot of Nagam idols. At the time of karthigai month every monday in this sannathi special poojas are done. The Alangara Mandapam is in the north side of the temple, where the Urchavar murthys are placed. During the Brahmotsavam, 10th day festival Thiru Kalyanam Urchavam will held here. Next to the Alangara Mandapam, Kannadi Maligai here Sri Shanmuga Swamy is there. Than the Navagraha sannathi is present next to it, here at the period of Guru and sanni peyarchi special poojas are done.

In this temple daily kala santhi (morning), Sayaratchai (evening) Poojas are done.

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